Cañizos Faura S.L is a family business that started his career in the 70’s as a natural barrier manufacturer of rollers, which makes us one of the pioneer companies in this industry. Over the years and seeing the needs of the market and its own growth trend, was incorporating articles related with gardening.


Our products are designed to meet the demand of our customers when it comes to gardening accessories, decoration, covers, shades, furniture, construction, etc.Our constant is Product Quality, Price Flexibility, Quick Service and Constant Innovation; so our ambition goes a log way and we intend to move forward and grow steadily expanding national and international markets. To meet this goal we have a team sufficiently prepared; our sales network reaches all national and European points; our sales agents try to customize dealing with each of our clients. We have highly entrenched distribution channels, featuring large infrastructure and our own transport, plus others (agencies) that guarantee success in the Logistics fabric of our company.




To achieve our goals, we investigate and we develop each and every one of the proposals they make us our partners, and we move them to our suppliers who support us with their experience, and with their innovative proposals in the whole product range. Quality certification achieved in 2009 and awarded by Bureau Veritas Iberia, S.L, support all our actions. 


The audit for the fiscal year 2015, consummated by CGA AUDITORES (Compañía General de Auditoria, S.L.), confirms the security and trust, as well as the true and fair view of the company. Finally, as the culmination of our claims, we have our customers. They are the ones who give their support and loyalty to Cañizos Faura, SL does achieve their goals and projects, being reborn each day to keep going.



Yours sincerely,

Constanza Faura