Welcome to Cañizos Faura S.L.

Cañizos Faura S.L is a family business whose path began in the 70’s as a natural wattle manufacturer, which makes us one of the pioneer firms in this industry. Over the years while filling the market needs and its own growth, the company started adding items related to the garden. Our products are designed to meet our customers' demand when it comes to garden accessories, decoration, fences, shades, furniture, construction, etc.

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9001:2015 ISO Certification

Support all our actions of organization and business management, and the recognition of excellent work processes.

Certified Wood (FSC)

Are certified by the responsible forest management brand FSC, which guarantees the origin of the wood, and protection of the forests.

14001:2015 ISO Certification

The priority given to the environment and the recycling of all our packaging and products has led us to obtain the certification: 14001

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